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BC, China sign deal for foreign temporary workers to build LNG facilities

PostedAugust 3, 2014 by in International

BC, China sign deal for foreign temporary workers to build LNG facilities

Read this July 25 story from the Vancouver Sun, which undermines the BC Liberal government’s promises of jobs for British Columbians from their proposed LNG industry. The federal government’s foreign temporary worker program – which the BC Liberal government has actively encouraged – has become an increasing source of controversy over the past year.

VICTORIA — B.C. and China have inked a new agreement that will see the two governments work to allow foreign workers into the province if needed to help build a liquefied natural gas industry.

The provincial government and the People’s Republic of China signed the non-binding memorandum of understanding this week, which pledges co-operation and information sharing to help develop B.C.’s LNG industry.

The two sides will “work together with the appropriate authorities to secure and facilitate the entry of foreign workers” in B.C., while “respecting the priority of hiring domestic labour wherever possible,” according to the agreement.

Natural Gas Minister Rich Coleman has said B.C. could need temporary foreign workers to fill some of the 100,000 jobs that would be created if several B.C. LNG facilities materialize.

None of the multinational corporations considering LNG plants in B.C. has yet made final investment decisions.

China “respects” B.C.’s jobs strategy to create more apprenticeship and skilled trades training opportunities for the LNG sector, Coleman said in a statement Friday.

“Some jobs will not be filled by British Columbians, either because they require highly specialized experience in the LNG industry or because we do not have enough workers in the province to meet the level of demand,” he said.

“Our priority in filling those jobs includes making sure British Columbians are first in line for job opportunities, then Canadian workers followed by U.S. and international workers.

“The MOU signals an understanding there could be a need for foreign workers to support LNG construction in B.C. and that the applicable agencies will work closely together moving forward to facilitate this if needed.”

Coleman has pressured Ottawa to continue to allow temporary foreign workers for major industrial projects, after the federal government recently cracked down on the program after abuses within the restaurant industry.


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Common Sense Canadian



    Canada is a nice place to live… being Canadian is a thing of the past.


    Gee whiz!! How nice that is for, Christy Clark’s families first. Or how about? BC’s ship building contract was given to Poland. How about? Petro-China put in a bid, to *help* build the Enbridge pipeline. Oh yes. And the thousands of Chinese being brought over for, Harper and Christy’s, Northern BC mining plan.

    Mind you? Harper is very busy, buying up ethnic votes. Both Jason Kenny and Premier Clark, just did, major suck-ups to Communist China. There are 413,000 Chinese in Vancouver alone. 45,000 more Chinese want in. Just imagine the number of Chinese all across Canada? Major ethnic votes for Harper.

    And then, there are the East India peoples votes. Electrical and electronic Engineers. Canada is calling. You should see the perks those Engineers have.

    Then of course, there are the Jews votes, Ukrainian votes and now, the Polish votes.

    Make no mistake. Harper is one evil s.o.b. Christy Clark is a total ditz. She doesn’t run this province? Herr Harper does.


    As an apprentice heavy equipment operator, certified by the ITA of BC, I am truly frustrated by the lack of any impetus by the province and contractors to find local workers. My tuition of $25,000 (out of my own pocket) on the road building and equipment courses, just to learn how to be unemployed is hard enough to deal with. It is depressing that a certified apprentice, where there is high demand for that exact trade, is again bumped to the back of the line again and again.


    Why is “free market capitalism” gospel except when it comes to pricing labour? Every one of these LNG jobs will be filled by Canadians for the right wage rate. That’s supply and demand, the law of the marketplace. A sure sign that we’re getting in over our head is when we sign on to ventures that require minimum wage rates to remain profitable or break even. If you need to invoke the foreign worker scam, what you’re doing probably isn’t worthwhile to the province and our people anyway.

    Randy Halyk

    The Conservatives (and I include BC Liberals as conservatives) got it right for the first time ever in Canada, Bring in foreign workers to take Canadian jobs Sending all our natural resources out with no value added to other countries to create jobs adding value to our natural resources , then ship it back along with those foreign workers to suck even more economic blood from Canada.


    I fully agree with R Douglas!!
    There are a lot of ppl in need of work in BC and canada that are having a hard time finding work because the employers accuse us of having no experience even if you just come out of collage or university for a specialized career. Then they tell us they are gonna bring in workers from out of country!!! This is so frustrating and it’s what forces Canadians to be on welfare or EI making it hard for our own ppl to get ahead. No matter what our race or religion Canadians who live in this country have this problem. What a slap in the face to our own country to treat our work force this way.


    I’m not a tree hugger BUT it looks like time to vote GREEN in the next election or Independent. Either way I think it’s past time to get rid of the two major parties. just my 2cents for what it’s worth.

    Joe Pierre Pierre

    Cristie Clarke, Rich Coleman are tryin to leave their “legacy” when their terms are up… at any cost! Jobs, environment, gotta get it done before our time’s up!


    And BC stands for Beijing China!


    Great at least 10,000 “Qualified” Chinese workers to help build the LNG plant, I think I’ll go to China become a citizen and get my “Made In China” Trades Qualification Certificate to qualify me for a job in my home country. I can buy my certification for a few hundred dollars. This is just to appease the Chinese Gov’t into buying BC LNG.


    @ Dennis Baker – unfortunately, the Canadians are either too proud or lazy to take the minimum wage jobs and often, high paying jobs as well. Millions of Canadians are on EI or Welfare. The work needs to get done, an absolute embarrassment that foreigners are blamed for wanting to feed their families.

      Proud Canadian

      @ Lori—-”Canadians are either too proud or lazy”? “Canadians are either too proud or lazy” Where do you get your facts—Chinese government or Crusty Cluck? Or are you a Chinese mouthpiece?

      R Douglas

      If Canadians won’t take minimum wage jobs, then wages should go up. Those are the laws of supply and demand. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a safety valve on wages, keeping them artificially low when they should be going up.

      Since when are Canadians too proud or lazy to take high-paying jobs? What a ridiculous statement, and an insult to working people across this country.

      And what’s wrong with being on EI? It’s a self-sustaining fund workers pay into to carry them through between jobs – often in seasonal industries, and in many cases from one high-paying job to the next. If I work 11 months in construction then get laid off when work is low, why the hell shouldn’t I be able to go on EI, a fund I already pay into?

      No one is blaming foreign workers for wanting to feed their families. What nonsense are you talking about? The criticism is directed at our political and business leaders.

      If there aren’t enough Canadian workers to meet the demand, then the pace of development ought to be slowed down. What’s the point in developing the resource if Canadians don’t get the economic benefits?


    Canadians will have jobs at minimum wages, flipping burgers for the hungry foreign workers enjoying high pay union jobs


      “High paying Union jobs”
      You’re kidding right?
      These TFW’s are subcontractors.
      Pure and simple.
      No union scale, no benefits, and if they make trouble, back to China they go.
      If they were’nt stealing jobs from Canadians I’d almost feel sorry for them.

    Donald Eagleton

    Yep take care of Canadians first…train them to be specialized in areas where need be.
    There’s no saying thanks and good buy to 100.000 people from China after the thing is built plus all their offspring but I guess we have welfare and ei for everybody.


    I’d rather give the jobs to qualified canadians, europeans, americans, africans, indians, etc.etc.etc. than grossly underpaid workers from a communist country that still doesnt allow free elections.
    No democratic elections, no canuck jobs…….

    Are you listening Premier Cluck?


    Just more weasel words from the Corporatist BC Reform Party.


    how can anybody in their right mind even concider bring in Chinese works when we have so many unemployed Canadians once those doors are open they are very difficult to close I ask you to recall the many industrial trabidies that take place in china i.e. minning they kill hundreds every year the handling of gun powder i.e making fire works their flagrent disrespect of human life is being proven every day and we think we can bring them here and expect a safe and productive worker at our standards


    Those who are already here are fine but we do not NEED to give away OUR jobs to CHINA. This is a dumb choice and a arrogant decision on our government… WHY would you sign to import anyone instead of having our own citizens and people in our own country who need the job, do the job… makes ZERO sense! This is BULLSHIT.


    ““Some jobs will not be filled by British Columbians, either because they require highly specialized experience in the LNG industry or because we do not have enough workers in the province to meet the level of demand,” he said.”

    …or because he thinks Canadian’s are stupid and we will slip this through.

    Harper is allowing this because he wants it built fast and furious even if it means selling out Canadian’s.

    Families are going to be furious all right.

    Why not have these jobs last for many years? What is the hurry to get them built?

    Is Harper offering Canadian’s TEMPORARY jobs when he could be offering long term jobs that will give workers the hours for benefits, the experience, security, and a good pension?

    A project as serious as a pipeline needs to be done METHODICALLY.

    What about an apprenticeship for Canadian workers until they can work full time? These jobs should be there for them!

    Harper shouldn’t be giving FUTURE employment away just to please the investors!!!

    Short sighted, fail again!!!

    Future jobs matter too, don’t let him get away with this.


    Get the clause out that says they can hire foreign workers because of time constraints. There are no time constraints!!!

    Thinking ahead will save these jobs for Canadian workers. We will need them in the future too.

    Just because Harper will be out, doesn’t mean he can take the rest of Canadian’s with him.

    Do your after P.M. job searching on your own dime Harper and quit selling out Canadian’s and our resources because YOU are in a hurry to make a name for yourself to the TYGOONS.

    We matter and so does the next generation.

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