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Watershed Moment: Damien Gillis on Fracking, LNG, Site C @ Capilano

PostedOctober 7, 2014 by in North Vancouver
Watershed Moment- How fracking, LNG, dams could reshape BC's future

Fracking operations in northeast BC use enormous volumes of water (Photo: Damien Gillis)

Filmmaker and Common Sense Canadian publisher Damien Gillis takes us on a multi-media journey to northeast BC – the heart of the province’s industrial landscape – to better understand the implications of the government’s energy policy on our water, climate, and collective future.

Featuring highlights from the forthcoming documentary film, Fractured Land and an in-depth examination of fracking, liquefied natural gas plans, and the proposed Site C Dam.


Oct. 8, 7-9 PM


Bosa Film Centre, Capilano University – North Vancouver (see map)


A free event, presented by Capilano’s EarthWorks

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    Charlie O'Shea

    Day after day we read this stuff abd nothing changes for the better for our province. We should be embaressed with this elected government. My god lets get rid of them. They are hardly Liberal they are idiots like Harper same people getting payola for their retirements. The rest of us are scratching are heads wondering if we can even retire. Ya lets keep voting in governments that are slowly turning us into slaves. Goodbye Christy Clarke good bye Petronas and any other ridiculous deal. My teenage kids are back in school. They are very aware of the guilty party.

    myna lee johnstone

    Please protect too our wonderful activists such as Damien Gillis who keep us so well informed


    The project is a disaster waiting to happen .Can we learn from the Mt Polley distraction and would take 20-30 ???? to put it back to its old state. No to LNG if our Crown or BC green mountains are compronised again .

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