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Suzuki, Phillip lead support for Peace Valley land defenders as Hydro seeks injunction

PostedFebruary 21, 2016 by in Vancouver
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip is among the BC First Nations leaders demanding a halt to Site C Construction (Damien Gillis)

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip will join David Suzuki and other supporters of the Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land Monday morning at the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver  (Damien Gillis)

David Suzuki and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip be in attendance to show their support for protest camp at Rocky Mountain Fort in opposition to the Site C dam. On Monday the BC Supreme Court will be hearing an injunction application from BC Hydro requesting removal of the protest camp.

The camp maintains that construction of the proposed hydro dam should not proceed while legal challenges remain in the courts and opposition to the project continues to grow. Supporters have also called for a halt in all construction activity until the Auditor General has reviewed the recommendations and projections provided by BC Hydro and until it is evaluated by the BC Utilities Commission.

Suzuki and Phillip will be on hand to speak to the media at 9:30 on the courthouse steps, following which they will attend the court proceedings, scheduled to begin at 10 AM. Citizens supporting the efforts of the Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land are encouraged to come to the courthouse Monday morning.




Monday, Feb. 22 @ 9:30 AM


BC Supreme Court (Hornby and Nelson entrance)


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    Teresa the Sailor

    I will try to be there. I am all for stopping this incredibly stupid project – Christy’s “legacy” is not going to be on the backs of what is right. This is the good fight and thanks to everyone who is voicing their opposition.

    Bob Baker

    The Premier is trying to push the Site C dam and LNG on B.C. citizens even though she is behind the times and putting our health and prosperity on the hook for her own infamy . Its like the Harper government doing what it wanted without any regard for the citizenry and its wishes . Governments are temporary to limit their power , to keep them from trying to impose personal interest before the obligation to maintain a stable living situation for their term in office .

    sherry sandy

    The dam won’t fly, i won’t people will thier lives on the line, and go to jail for this cause. The people are protecting our lives, water, food. they can poision everyone. it is not going to happen.

    Randal Hadland

    It could be a very interesting procedure, the land could really use a win on this hearing. Let’s hope that Common Sense prevails.

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